OGMO Editor is a free, open source, project oriented level editor made for indie game developers by indie game developers.

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Project Based Workflow

Every feature of OGMO Editor contributes to an intuitive, holistic, project based workflow. Project data flows down to all of your level files, which are easily accessible from the main window!

Powerful Layer Types

Beyond using Tile Layers to create levels from a tileset, use Decal Layers to freely place, scale, and rotate images to decorate your level, Entity Layers to place complex objects in your game, and Grid Layers to creatively add metadata to your level!

Easy Integration

When you're done editing, save your level to a handy JSON file - one that is easily parsed to give you immediate access to all of the tiles, decals, and entities you've authored!

Download OGMO Editor

OGMO Editor is free to use for personal and commercial projects - no strings attached - forever!

OGMO Editor is also open sourced using the very permissive MIT license!

Download at itch.io Source available on GitHub

Online Manual

Get the most out of OGMO Editor by learning its workflow in and out!

The online manual covers every aspect of OGMO Editor in detail.

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